Let That Fun Place make your Birthday very special!

The Captain Party Package!

Fun for the Kids - No Mess for Mom


Up to 8 party Guests, including the Birthday Matey!

The Captain Party includes:
  • Private Party room for 1 1/2 hours
  • Personal Party Host
  • One Spin on Prize wheel for Birthday child
  • 2 Slices of Pizza per Child Guest and two adult chaperons.
  • Soft Drinks Free refills for all paid quests and the two adult chaperons.
  • 20 Game Tokens for the Birthday Child
  • 10 Game Tokens per child party guest
  • Attraction Wristbands for 8 children (Includes 2 hours unlimited Bouncers, Play Land,  Blacklight Golf, Cannon and Laser tag.

Our party's are designed for your children's enjoyment - Packages do not provide for food, drinks or attractions for adult party attendees. Adult attendees may purchase Ala carte from the menu, or pay $13.95 guest charge to receive the above benefits. One room seats 20. We will provide the additional room at no charge once you exceed 20 paid guests. ( Please note : All party room reservations fill up quickly, if you wait until the day of the celebration we may not have the additional rooms available.)

Party Add-ons / Extras

$13.95 Additional Children (2 Hour Attraction wristband, 2 slices of Pizza,, drink and 10 tokens)
$39.95 Double Party Room (Max. Room Capacity 44 guests)
$20.00 100 Game Tokens


Novelty Ice Cream Bars Cost per Guest
$19.95 Birthday Cake 1/4 Sheet - Ask for quote for larger cakes
$2.95 Treat bags (Small toys and candy)
$20.00 100 Arcade Tokens
$ 1.00 100 Redemption Tickets for the Prize Counter
$20.00 Mascot Visit
$5.95 Gem Bags
  • $50.00 non-refundable/ non-transferable deposit required at the time of booking

  • Party upgrades must be placed one week before party date to guarantee they will be available.

  • All Parties will have access to their Party Hut no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled party time. You must vacate the party room on agreed time so we may set up for the next party.

  • Due to Indiana Board of Health regulations no outside food is allowed to be brought into restaurant. We have authorization for guests to bring in Birthday Cakes. 

  • Due to Indiana Fire Codes each party room is limited to 20 guests, if you expect more than 20 guests you will need to reserve a double party room.  Our party rooms fill up fast, so it is advised that you do not wait until the day of the party to request a double party room.

  • Of course Adults are invited as paid guests at $13.95 each to enjoy all benefits of the Captain Party. Our parties are designed for your children's enjoyment - Packages do not provide for food, drinks or attractions for adult party attendees. Adult attendees may purchase Ala carte from the menu.

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Birthday Invitation

Hey Mateys join the Captain's Birthday Club - Sign up today.

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Adults must be in attendance at all times while your children are in our facility.

last update 04-24-2013

(State fire regulations limit is 20 people per party room).

Spring Break is just around the corner, make plans to spend time with us.

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That fun Place accepts all major charge cards.

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